Pullip Holly Golightly Audrey Hepburn Doll

There is no better inspiration for Pullip than Audrey Hepburn, a graceful sliver of a woman and fashion icon who tragically left us too soon.

Groove/Jun Planning had a love affair with Audrey for a few years, putting out not one, not two, but THREE Audrey inspired dolls from her movies Roman Holiday, Sabrina, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Holly was the first release back in 2006, and I think it was an ambitious one. Her stock is very well made and a lot of attention was paid to the details. Her pearl necklace, the sunglasses, and the big hat.

holly1 holly2 holly3 holly4 holly5

Unfortunately, my Holly doll came used and in poor condition. She was stained, her body was falling apart and her eyes were dirty and dull. Why don’t people take better care of these dolls??

In any case I gave her a new look, and she even borrowed a dress from Pullip Sabrina:



If you’re curious about how all three dolls look next to each, I made a video review of Holly with a special appearance from my other girls:

2 thoughts on “Pullip Holly Golightly Audrey Hepburn Doll

    1. Thank you! When i was doing her video review her arm fell off on camera. This doll needed some TLC! Haha. I do like her makeover. 🙂

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