Handmade Goodies from Emerz

Today I got treated to an overdose of cuteness. A KABOOM of Kawaii. (Give me a break, I’m a writer for a living.)

My dear friend Emily, who makes handmade dolly stuffs for Pullips and other lucky girls through her Emerz shop sent me a package of stuff that I cannot describe in words…so I will share pics.

Feb 2015 485 Feb 2015 486

Being half-Japanese, I have a healthy respect for packaging. And Emily knows her stuff. But when I opened those happy polka-dotted bags, I did not expect the treasure within! Emily is an immensely talented lady who does it all. She knits, she crafts, she sews, she stamps! In the dolly world we would call her a Renaissance Woman. Check out the loot!Feb 2015 490 Feb 2015 495

She made these donuts! I so wanted to eat them. Just kidding. (Not really.)

Feb 2015 498

Lots of other goodies but most of all, I was thrilled to share some super cute outfits with my Pullips. I always marvel at handmade doll clothes, since I see what goes into them with my mom’s shop. These are two outfits that I could not wait for Banshee and Karen to model!

Feb 2015 504 Feb 2015 505 Feb 2015 508

Her prices are super affordable for such gorgeous and OOAK pieces! Check her out on Instgram @emaline_dolls to see more!

P.S. Even I got a little something. Turns out Emerz also does knitted stuff for people, too! (This will help me weather those blisteringly cold San Diego Winters.)

Feb 2015 545

2 thoughts on “Handmade Goodies from Emerz

  1. Everything is super cute! Your dolls look so stylish in their new outfits. I love the photo with you with the head wrap. She’s very talented indeed.

    1. Thank you! I just shot a video review too. I am such a sucker for cute things for my doll, and yet I rarely buy myself clothes! The head wrap was a bonus. šŸ™‚

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