Pullip Princess Knight Sapphire

Now here’s a doll I haven’t seen a lot of! Princess Knight was an anime I remember seeing as a child, and I had no idea that it was originally broadcast in the 50s! In the 70’s it was dubbed in English and called “Choppy and the Princess”, and told the story of a courageous Princess who had to impersonate a boy to hold on to her kingdom. Back then it was easy to call society a “man’s world,” and girls had to fight to protect what was rightfully theirs (funny, doesn’t feel like a lot has changed sometimes).

When Groove released the Pullip version, I can imagine that collectors were either thrilled (die-hard anime nerds) or perplexed (what kind of princess looks like Zorro and wears tight white pants and a floppy hat?).

I thought she was lovely if not a little overshadowed by other “princess” Pullips.

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Here’s my video review:



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