Ai Ball Joint Dolls by Groove

These cute little things popped up on my radar when I visited my first Tuesday Morning store last December.  What a mysterious place Tuesday Morning is…hiding among the discounted bath towels, gardening tools and marked down craft items are sometimes wonderful array of hard to find dollies!  They usually sell around $29.99 USD, if you’re lucky enough to spot one, they can be a real treasure.

Winter 2014 895

Ai Dolls are teeny ball joint dolls (BJDs for you newbies) who stand under 5 inches and are incredibly detailed. They have several face molds and are very articulated (if not a bit fragile). You can read all about Ai BJDs here at PullipsandJunk.

Winter 2014 897 Winter 2014 1048

April 2015 198 April 2015 526

If you’re interested in collecting Ai dolls, beware of high prices! JP Groove has them in stock (As of May 2015) and I’ve found very reasonable prices on eBay.

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