Pullip Kirsche by Groove

A “vivid Lolita” is how Groove describes Pullip Kirsche, and she sure is attention-getting. Yikes. I bought this gal used on eBay and she was in less than stellar condition, but she did come with a surprise ladybug pet that was covered in lint. (He just needed a lint brush bath.)

April 2015 009 April 2015 010 April 2015 011 April 2015 012

I had see Kirsche in Flickr photos and I was mesmerized with her red hair. But her outfit was so mis-matched to me and her hair was in really poor condition.  Her face, however, was adorable. April 2015 013 April 2015 014 April 2015 015 April 2015 016 April 2015 017

I decided to give her a bit of a makeover, and snipped the ends of her hair and re-chipped her eyes. The goal was to keep her true to her look, with an update.  I used KiraKiraMeansSparkle chips and a borrowed outfit from J-Doll Negen (De 9 Straatijes)

April 2015 060


10 thoughts on “Pullip Kirsche by Groove

      1. Her wig is in a poor condition so I brush her hair and I make new braid.I think all kirsche model have a bad wig. Mine doll are always in the showcase(I think is the word in English)so not much manipulation.

  1. I love the little updates you made for her! She’s so pretty, what spectacular colouring. I’m glad you stayed true to the original doll! You are right about her stock outfit… it’s so… bright! hahaha

  2. I love your channel on YouTube so much! I would really mean a lot to me if you followed my blog it is called ” pullip collector.wordpress.com”. I do reviews on Pullips and I am going to get a MIO kit. You really inspire me.

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