Pullip Marie Antoinette by Groove

You can imagine how wonderful a gift it is to receive Pullip Marie Antoinette, who I had been eyeing for some time but simply could not bring myself to buy because of her hefty price tag. Is she worth the dough? Oh yes. She is magnificent!

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1

This Marie Antoinette is based on the character from the shojo manga, The Rose of Versailles, also called “Lady Oscar” because the main character was a woman masquerading as a palace guard for the Queen. I recall this story as a child because I had easy access to comics and manga, and I was enchanted by the overly floral artwork.

RoV_illustration (from Wikipedia)

The doll is an absolute vision, and aside from her real (UGH) fur lined hat, her outfit is just beautifully detailed.

FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender_3 FullSizeRender_4

Here is my video review of her:


4 thoughts on “Pullip Marie Antoinette by Groove

  1. What a wonderful gift! She’s quite lovely and her hair and stock look quite intricate. The fur bits are always a little disconcerting, my Mom won’t even touch them! Thanks for your lovely blog and informative YouTube videos… Tasha

    1. I just acquired Pullip Oscar Francoise and she is such a lovely foil to Marie Antoinette. I think both of these girls are a bit overlooked. Maybe because the anime is from the 70s??

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