Pullip Xiao Fan by Groove

“Pullip is in a Chinese dress this time!” This is the exclamation from Groove in their description of Pullip Xiao Fan, who must be absolutely shocked to have found herself looking Chinese-ish. You’d think she might be less shocked to find she is actually an Alien.

April 2015 027

Xiao Fan came to my happy Pullip family via eBay, and I am embarrassed to say that I hadn’t given her too much attention until then.  I figured she would arrive in so-so condition with a crackly Type 3 body and a bad wig. I was wrong on both accounts. Her purple hair was soft and her stock was incredibly well made and quite lovely. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the giant flower in her hair.

April 2015 028 April 2015 029 April 2015 030 April 2015 031

If Pullip Xiao Fan is indeed Chinese, maybe she is Miao Yin from Big Trouble in Little China:

2 thoughts on “Pullip Xiao Fan by Groove

  1. Wow she is so pretty. I have to agree with you the big flower to me takes away from her beauty. What a gem for your collection.

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