Pullip Custom Ellie by Lavender Leigh Dolls

It’s no secret that I slapped my name on a Facebook forum, not sure what to expect. But the thing about YouTube is that you can’t share pictures, and what fun is that? There are a million talented people out there, and I was tired of talking to a camera.

One of those extremely talented people is my friend Amanda, who harbored this secret…she’s a doll artist superhero! After seeing a few of her pics, I begged her for a custom. (Begged is putting it mildly.) The result is this gorgeous custom Pullip “Ellie” branded with Amanda’s “Lavender Leigh” signature.

April 2015 290 April 2015 291

Imagine my jaw on the floor when I opened the little box and found that face plate! It took a while for me to find an adequate look for Ellie, who truly deserved the best. She went on a shopping spree…Β April 2015 301 April 2015 304 April 2015 342 April 2015 420 April 2015 423

I finally landed on this pink haired look and kawaii style that I felt fit her perfectly. If you’re interested in learning more about Amanda’s Lavender Leigh dolls, message me!

May 2015 243 May 2015 244 May 2015 245 May 2015 246 May 2015 247


16 thoughts on “Pullip Custom Ellie by Lavender Leigh Dolls

      1. Don’t toy with my emotions, my friend! I would happily commission you for a dolly! I love your work. πŸ™‚

    1. I will ask her again for contact info. She’s a professional and a mom who only does this on the side, can you believe it? She’s incredibly talented. πŸ™‚

      1. I got them on eBay from the seller Tita-Doremi. They sell tons of wigs, but aren’t always the most reliable with shipping and colors. I’ve taken to just searching 8-9 doll wigs as many more vendors are popping up and there are so many wigs to choose from!

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