Pullip Nanachan by Groove

Mamma mia the kawaii! Pullip Nanachan is an absolute dream. DREAM. The girl can’t take a bad photo, even smothered behind  a plastic film and strapped into a box.

FullSizeRender (17)

I pre-ordered with the huddled masses around Christmas last year, and we all waited with baited breath to see if the J-Pop singer Mi-Chan’s cat likeness could truly be captured in a Pullip doll. Answer? YES.

May 2015 233 May 2015 234 May 2015 235 May 2015 237 May 2015 238 May 2015 241


Nanachan comes with fur ears and a removable fur tail. No shoes, though…which is weird until you imagine a cat wearing shoes.  She is a vision!


3 thoughts on “Pullip Nanachan by Groove

  1. They say she has no shoes because she is an “indoor cat”. I absolutely love Nana-Chan, she’s one of my favourite releases from last year and sits proudly being so photogenic on my shelf ❤

    1. Oh that makes perfect sense and is actually kind of charming. Hehehe… I adore Nana she is just breathtaking. 🙂

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