PUDDLE 2015 Recap – Pullip and Dal Convention in Chicago

This was my second year attending PUDDLE, the Pullip and Dal Lovers Event held outside of Chicago in a sweet little town called Elk Grove Village. This year was a little more hectic than last year, as my mom was a vendor (shameless plug – SetsieSilhouette on etsy).

What can I say about PUDDLE? It’s a Pullip doll free-for-all and there is so much to see that your eyes burn by the end of the day from trying to absorb as much cuteness as possible. I was super thrilled to meet a handful of awesome folks from Facebook and YouTube, and that alone made the trip worth it.

Here are some photo highlights (these are not my dolls by the way, though I wish they were!) June 2015 116

June 2015 119 June 2015 120 June 2015 121 June 2015 122 June 2015 123 June 2015 124 June 2015 126 June 2015 127 June 2015 128 June 2015 130 June 2015 135 June 2015 136 June 2015 140 June 2015 142 June 2015 145 June 2015 148 June 2015 155 June 2015 156 June 2015 157 June 2015 158 June 2015 160 June 2015 161 June 2015 163 June 2015 164 June 2015 167

A truly fun event that’s perfect for anyone who’s ever thought, “Am I weird for liking dolls?” The answer doesn’t matter, especially with so many kindred spirits out there!

5 thoughts on “PUDDLE 2015 Recap – Pullip and Dal Convention in Chicago

  1. So many amazing dolls! It must have been quite a treat just getting to be in the same room with so many wonderful customs. I thought I was going to fall out of my chair when I saw Mikasa! “Attack on Titan” is literally the last property I’d ever have thought of combining with Pullip…

    1. That one won a prize, no surprise there!! It was just an incredible event. I highly recommend attending!

  2. Wow I can only imagine how much fun that was being around all those dolls and meeting fellow doll lovers.Thanks for sharing the pictures. There were some really amazing dolls. i really liked the 2nd to the last one photo with the green eyes and black and white dress.

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