Taeyang Cavalie by Groove

I did it. I finally bought a Taeyang doll. Taeyang is a love interest of Pullip, and he’s exactly the type of tall, dashing hero a girl like Pullip might find intriguing. To learn more about Taeyang, go to the source: PullipsandJunk.com.

This particular Taeyang is Cavalie,  who I cheaply acquired from the dent box section on PullipStyle.  Unfortunately his ankles came cracked, so shame on me for not just spending the money for an unbroken doll!

April 2015 153

I couldn’t find a lot of info on him, but he looks like a musketeer or a French revolution nobleman. In any case he is gorgeous with long blonde hair and the most stunning purple eyes. April 2015 154 April 2015 155 April 2015 157 April 2015 158 April 2015 159 April 2015 160  April 2015 162 April 2015 163 April 2015 164My thoughts on Taeyang are still undecided. I adore having him in the collection, but am I inspired to continue purchasing them? They are heavier and bulkier than Pullip, and there aren’t a lot of outlets to find clothes for them. In any case I recommend getting at least Taeyang if you have the chance.


7 thoughts on “Taeyang Cavalie by Groove

  1. Congrats for adding one to your collection! With a charming expression and that outfit he’s ready to sweep a girl off her feet.

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