Custom Pullip Doll by Nerea Pozo

I haven’t been collecting Pullip dolls for very long, but in all the feverish research I’ve done online, I’ve found a a few favorite artists who create OOAK works of art in the form of my favorite dolly.

One of those artists is Nerea Pozo,  a lovely lady who creates brilliant dioramas, miniatures, artworks, and custom dolls.  This is Enme Printemps, a doll that was gifted to me! She came with four outfits and accessories and original artwork!

April 2015 178 April 2015 180 April 2015 183 April 2015 184 April 2015 187

Can’t recommend her enough! Check out more of her works:

4 thoughts on “Custom Pullip Doll by Nerea Pozo

  1. She has such a sweet and precious face. Her outfits are adorable. My favorite is the one wearing the floral crown and music note dress. What a fabulous doll to have in your collection.

    1. Thank you. I don’t hesitate to say that she is my favorite doll! The details really are extraordinary. Can’t recommend a Nerea Pozo custom enough!

    1. It will be money well spent! And there are many affordable customizers out there! Good luck and you know I want to see some pics!

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