Pullip Suiseiseki 2015 by Groove

I had never heard of Rozen Maiden before I met Pullip, but she was kind enough to give me an introduction to these lovely ladies.  Manga can be very deceiving – you’d think a story about 7 dolls looking for masters would be cute and sweet. When you find out their mission is to destroy each other to become the ultimate doll for some Svengali-esque doll-maker, well, you get a swift kick in the pants about how the Japanese throw down.

But I digress. I was pleased to have Suiseiseki come to hang with my Pullip doll crew, and would you believe she had zero intention of destroying her fellow dolls? She was just happy to get out of this box.

May 2015 166

Ah, that’s better. For once my backyard served as a proper backdrop of Suiseiseki, as her character (and her twin sister’s) are considered gardeners. May 2015 171 May 2015 172 May 2015 173 May 2015 174

Love the mismatched eyes. And that green velour outfit is just stunning. I know people have criticized this re-release of the Rozen Maiden girls, but they’re certainly made very well!May 2015 175 May 2015 176

7 thoughts on “Pullip Suiseiseki 2015 by Groove

    1. I agree, her hair is very pretty and thick, but a little hard to keep tamed. I would agree that this version has a much sweeter face that captures the character. Thanks for the comment!

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