Pullip Classical Queen by Groove

Who owns the throne? This gal.

Ok, I’ll admit I put off purchasing Pullip Classical Queen for two, maybe three reasons.

  1. She was expensive. Even on Pullipstyle.
  2. She looks rather grown up, and I typically prefer the dolls who are more sweet and innocent looking.
  3. Those choco-buns.

When she arrived, however, I fell instantly in love. Yes, she’s maniacal, “off with her head” and all that, but what I saw in her face was a young lady trying a little too hard to grow up. Maybe she was lonely. Maybe she had a temper because she felt misunderstood.

May 2015 168

Her stock was really well made and that red color was just a fantastic pop of uniqueness that made her stand out to me even more. But those hair-ear-muffs…May 2015 193 May 2015 195 May 2015 196 May 2015 197 May 2015 198 May 2015 199 May 2015 201 May 2015 202


I’m still not the biggest fan of that wig, but I have this thing where it breaks my heart to re-wig a brunette doll. Haha… Maybe I’ll track down the perfect look for her and give her a makeover. That is, if she doesn’t order me beheaded for tampering with her style.

One thought on “Pullip Classical Queen by Groove

  1. You are so witty you always manage to make me laugh! Hair-ear-muffs was precious, I’m still smiling… I haven’t visited your site in a while, I must do this more often because you write incredibly well. And yes, this girl is special and there is much more to her personality than off-with-her-head.

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