Pullip Cinciallegra by Groove

Coming to you from the land of overlooked Pullip dolls is Cinciallegra!

Perpetually in stock at Pullipstyle because collectors likely don’t know what to make of her, I will admit that I, too, was both interested and uncertain about what to do with this girl and her gauzy stock. How tightly wound was that wig, anyway? Are her eyebrows severe? All of this is hard to tell from the stock photos.

April 2015 231 April 2015 232 April 2015 233 April 2015 234

Cinciallegra is a very sweet doll with a unique look that I thought had lots of potential. The few snaps of photos I had seen on Twitter were so promising, and I gasped at the sight of one pic that showed our gray-haired maiden completely re-done with a new wig, eyes, and dress. I took the plunge. April 2015 237 April 2015 239

It turns out that hidden underneath that gauze was a lovely polka dotted dress! I removed the white webbing at once so the girl could enjoy her gown. April 2015 240 April 2015 241 April 2015 242 April 2015 244

Lastly I gave her a makeover, with a new Leekeworld wig and blue Almond Doll eyes (expensive but gorgeous). Here’s are pics of her still in need of a bang trim but you get the idea.April 2015 272 April 2015 275

6 thoughts on “Pullip Cinciallegra by Groove

    1. Yes!! Although i feel like I’m not searching for the right eyes on etsy. I see gorgeous eye chips on customs all the time and wonder where they come from!

    1. Thank you!! I must admit I cheated a little and searched for modified pictures of Cincia. That’s what made me decide to get her – her potential!

  1. She has such a pretty and unique faceup. I love how you transformed her. She looks amazing. She seems to be a doll that you can make your own. In the past I was thinking about her but got side tracked and now you have me thinking again.

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