San Diego Comic Con Recap and Mattel Exclusives

Ever wake up and say to yourself, “I want to play dress up and be almost naked in public?” If ever there was an appropriate day to feel like channeling your inner warrior goddess, it would San Diego Comic Con.

July 2015 280

Yep, that’s me, middle-aged, shameless, and strapped into a red leotard that was better suited for a twelve year old.

This was my first year attending the event, which took over downtown San Diego, a city I am lucky enough to call home. I’m not very good with crowds, but somehow dressing up gives one courage…

July 2015 226

If you’re asking yourself, “Who are you supposed to be, anyway?” The answer is Zealot, a character from a mid-90’s comic book called WILDCATS. It was Jim Lee‘s big debut comic after he left Marvel. (Bet you didn’t know I was a comic book geek!)

Zealot was a lean, machine, fighting machine, and for some reason she really resonated with me. So my costume was dedicated to her. Since there was no costume store that would carry such an obscure costume, that meant some creative glue-gunning and spray painting…

July 2015 253 July 2015 254 July 2015 255 July 2015 256  July 2015 276

July 2015 281

I couldn’t be prouder of the results! Anyway, the big “get” at Comic Con this year were the Monster High and Ever After High exclusive dolls. I just so happened to score them both! July 2015 287 July 2015 309July 2015 288

Ever After High’s Wicked Raven Queen:July 2015 303

And Monster High’s Valentine and Wisp two-pack!July 2015 306

I also scored a handful of Skelanimals super heroes. The Penguin Robin may be my favorite…  July 2015 312

Overall, I had an “ok” experience, but find myself wanting to go back just to redeem myself after walking in ridiculous shoes for an hour and not seeing very much. Next year – flip flops and jeans!

9 thoughts on “San Diego Comic Con Recap and Mattel Exclusives

  1. Well done! 😄 I wish I could be so bold, or is it shameless😜Haha great post. It was so appropriate to say ‘yep,that’s me’ because that’s exactly the answer I needed to a question I asked lol. You looked great btw.

    1. Hahaha, thank you!! I had a little bit of pride, I’ll admit, but between you and me there was more padding in that costume than nature allowed me. I’ll take it though. I’d try anything once! 🙂

  2. Wooow! You look great! Smashing! I used to do the cosplay thing, but then comfort and laziness won over. So cool about the Ever After High dolls and Monster High, I’ve recently been looking them over…. quite… interesting.

  3. You rocked it! You looked great and loved the personal touches by making what you needed. I enjoyed reading this and the photos.

    1. Thanks for the support!! I don’t know how those kids do it, dressing up and going all out. But it was fun to try once!!

  4. Wow , you looked great ! By the way , I love your video reviews of pullip dolls . After watching a couple of them , I was convinced and bought my first one a couple of months ago and I am expecting the third one at the end of september 🙂

    1. That’s fantastic!!! And thank you for the compliment. I really did almost chicken out right up until the leotard went on. haha.

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