Pullip Pullipphine by Groove

You’d think that a bride Pullip would be boring, and by some accounts, I think Pullip Pulliphine has been overlooked by collectors because 1) there was already a Bride Pullip (see Eternia), and 2) brides are too easy.

Well that’s too bad because Pulliphine is a most beautiful bride, with a dress that is amazingly well-made.

FullSizeRender (18)

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She rather reminds me of Kate Middleton with her regal look, don’t you think? The only curious thing about this doll is her expression. She’s not overly happy, but rather subdued…perhaps resigned. Was she set up with a neighboring country’s prince in order to secure her homeland’s peace? Is she actually in love with a peasant boy? You can’t help but let your imagination wander a bit with this doll.

4 thoughts on “Pullip Pullipphine by Groove

  1. Spot on with the Kate comparison. Pulliphine’s dress looks HEAVILY inspired by the princesses wedding gown.
    Pulliphine looks kind of nervous.

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