Pullip Sailor Mars by Groove

Insert catchy Sailor Mars quote here!

Sorry, I don’t have one. This dolly was a surprise, actually. I had gotten Sailor Mercury from Groove previously and was unimpressed by her weird faux-leather stock. Yes, I know that’s what their outfits look like, but when comparing these dolls to, say, Romantic Alice, it’s tough not to judge the sad plastic Barbie pumps and bare legs (they must be chilly!)

That being said, it’s hard not to be a Sailor Moon fan.  Sailor Mars is actually Rei Hino, the second Sailor Soldier to be discovered by Usagi and the secondary leader of the Sailor Soldiers after Minako Aino. She possesses powers associated with fire, as well as psychic and spiritual ones.

This doll came from an eBay auction and I was shocked to get her at a low price.  In person she is lovely, especially her purple (!) hair which is incredibly soft.

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