Pullip Si Anna by Groove

“Sha bebe!”

Believe it or not, that is a common expression in Louisiana that means “Oh how adorable!”  or “That is precious beyond words!” Growing up on the bayou, I said it myself quite often, thinking everyone used “Sha!” to describe something cute.

If ever there was a doll that would make me dig up my Cajun/French, it would be Si’Anna. April 2015 089

April 2015 090Yes, her frock is a little over the top. Yes, that’s real fur lining her hoodie (shudder). But that face, ya’ll.  Those ringlets. It’s a shame this doll is often overlooked.

She also comes with righteous gear, as if Bloomingdales or Henri Bendel was having a sale and she came prepared to power shop. April 2015 088  April 2015 091 April 2015 092 April 2015 093 April 2015 094 April 2015 095 April 2015 096 April 2015 097If you haven’t considered Si’Anna, she’s worth another look! I actually re-dressed mine so that she’s much more like the innocent girl and less like the 80’s Grace Jones rocker babe. An outfit can make a world of difference!

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