Kawaii Stuff in Torrance, California

I live two hours from Los Angeles, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Bad because the traffic is awful and some of those things you hear about people from LA (shallow, superficial, addicted to plastic surgery) are true.  Good because it’s culturally diverse with a thriving Asian culture.

I decided to venture to Torrance one afternoon to track down a few Japanese shops that I’d found online. If you’re ever in the area, check them out!


This shop carries authentic kimono fabric! I went crazy here as my mom has an Etsy shop that specializes in doll clothing made from Japanese fabrics.

July 2015 318 July 2015 320 July 2015 321 July 2015 325


This place was an odd mish-mash of awesomely cute things like blind boxes, plushies, and Tokidoki brand goods.

July 2015 328 July 2015 329 July 2015 331 July 2015 333 July 2015 334 July 2015 335 July 2015 336 July 2015 337 July 2015 338


This place was wall to wall Rilakkuma.  It was small but jam packed with cuteness.

July 2015 339 July 2015 340 July 2015 341 July 2015 343 July 2015 344 July 2015 346 July 2015 347 July 2015 350July 2015 351

I was good, even after a trip to Mitsuwa, a huge Japanese marketplace with a mochi display case to die for.

July 2015 355

I did score a handful of blind boxes…

July 2015 362

And then ended my trip with a drive by the ocean…

July 2015 366


2 thoughts on “Kawaii Stuff in Torrance, California

  1. Seems like it was a fun trip. I love the photo of you by the ocean and your dress is so pretty.The fabric you showed was lovely and I found the book pictured interesting. i hope you had a good time and thanks for sharing your photos.

    1. Thanks for so many compliments! I wish I had more doll friends to hang out with but this is the second best way to share experiences! 🙂

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