Custom Pullip – Little Seraphic Dolls

I am lucky enough to be able to afford these Pullip dolls which have become quite the expensive addiction. Lately I’ve found myself completely enchanted by artists who do custom BJD repaints, like Little Seraphicdolls.

I had seen a handful of their custom Pullip dolls on eBay from time to time, but didn’t know much about them. Then I saw that Hazel was for sale….

July 2015 132

These dolls are so unique and have a very interesting look to them. Those crazy lips! The big teddy bear eye chips! July 2015 138 July 2015 141  July 2015 144 July 2015 146 July 2015 148

Here are a few pics that the artist posted of Hazel. Just stunning!

11653278_412771082240470_40855480_n 11655509_412771148907130_1335165684_n

6 thoughts on “Custom Pullip – Little Seraphic Dolls

  1. Wow! I love the expression on her face and her uniqueness. She’s such a beauty to add to your collection. Will you be doing a review on youtube? If so i can’t wait to see it.

  2. What a sweet doll! I’m curious, when it comes to reviewing do you have set list\order of dolls you’re going to review? Or is it a matter of which doll inspires you at the moment?

    1. Good question! I keep a list of dolls and video ideas so I don’t lose track of them. (I keep a list of everything in my life. haha). Depending on what people are talking about, asking for, etc, that usually determines which doll is reviewed next. Like right now I want to do a review of different eye chips, because there are so many and folks are excited about customizing dolls. 🙂

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