Custom Pullip – The Ugliest Wife

I have a custom Pullip doll problem now.  They say Pullip dolls are gateway dolls to other BJDs, but my gateway has led me to late night Etsy and Flickr obessions, scouring for artists who do custom faceup repaints of Pullip dolls. Is there a support group for me out there somewhere??

Exhibit A: The Ugliest Wife.  The shop name alone makes me think of a Grimm’s fairy tale, and I was completely taken with the artist’s work on ball jointed dolls. I even saw a few Pullip dolls in her repertoire. I reached out to her about a commission, and after about six weeks, I received this package in the mail…

July 2015 126July 2015 129

At first, honestly, I thought the faceup was so overwhelming! Yes, I asked for dramatic, but I was scared that I wouldn’t quite do such a different face justice with my amateurish customizing skills.  I went through a few makeovers to get her look just right…July 2015 151July 2015 150   July 2015 154  July 2015 159

I liked her as a brunette, but I just happened to receive a greenish brown wig that week, and I thought it would be perfect for her. I certainly didn’t want one centimeter of her face covered up, not even by bangs!  July 2015 229 July 2015 230Highly recommend her for custom work – you can find her on etsy at: the Ugliest Wife.


3 thoughts on “Custom Pullip – The Ugliest Wife

  1. She is dramatic and lovely!!! Since you now have a custom pullip doll problem(lol) I was wondering if there are any pullip releases that you are excited about? I find your custom pullips wonderful and inspiring.

    1. I am very excited about Eve Sweet! She feels like a candy-coated breath of fresh air. And Though I wish there was a little variation, I love La Robe and Favorite Ribbon. I need to have the whole collection!

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