Angie Goes to Disneyland

How can you not love Disneyland? Ok, you can definitely NOT like spending $100 to get inside the gates only to have to wait in hour long lines in 95 degree heat. You can NOT like spending $17 on a cheeseburger….

But if you look past all the Scrooge-y stuff, it’s still a pretty magical place, especially for a toy lover! This past summer my BFF and I took a day trip on what seemed like the hottest day of the year.

July 2015 431

2015 was the 60th birthday of Disneyland in Anaheim, so everywhere you looked there was some reminder that this place has been around since the 1950s! Did they have cars back then? Kidding, kidding.

July 2015 434 July 2015 436 July 2015 439 July 2015 441 July 2015 443 July 2015 444


There were lots of things to see, do, and eat, but I was most excited about the Disney gift shop. The dolls were everywhere!!! These Animator’s Collection dolls are so tempting that I refuse to pick up a box. Like I need one more dolly addiction!

July 2015 445 July 2015 446

This adorable doll is the Disneyland 60 doll – love her ears and Mickey jacket!July 2015 447 July 2015 449 July 2015 450

This was probably the hardest doll to walk away from. This was the 60th anniversary Aurora doll… She is a limited edition and in the blue version of her famous color-changing dress. (I always preferred her in blue!)July 2015 451 July 2015 453 July 2015 454

Overall I had a blast, though the heat took away from some of the fun. I’m kicking myself for missing Downtown Disney, but that’s for another trip!


2 thoughts on “Angie Goes to Disneyland

    1. Thank you!! I wish I had done more shopping but it was so insanely hot and packed with people that all I mostly did was move from shaded tree to shaded tree!

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