Los Angeles Birthday Trip – Tokidoki and Wacko Soap

What can I say? I can’t sit still.  A few weeks ago my pal and I took a overnight trip up to Los Angeles to do some overdue dolly shopping.  But first, we had a birthday dinner. Yay!

October 2015 011

First stop was the Tokidoki store on Melrose.  I’m a big fan of the brand and was hoping to score one of those new BarbiesOctober 2015 012 October 2015 013

And here she is!!! Gloriously hot pink behind an oversized-head Karl Lagerfeld. October 2015 015

I took a few pics of her inside the box once I got her home!

October 2015 078October 2015 079October 2015 080October 2015 082October 2015 084

Next up was the Wacko Soap Factory, a staple of weird in Los Angeles. It is actually a place that sells soap, but why buy soap when you can buy….well…everything else you never needed?October 2015 016 October 2015 017 October 2015 018 October 2015 019 October 2015 020 October 2015 021 October 2015 022 October 2015 023

There is also an art gallery inside, which was pretty awesome. October 2015 026 October 2015 027 October 2015 028 October 2015 029

This was a coaster wall…yes, drink coasters. I saw this one of the late Jonathan Brandis and I got a little emotional. October 2015 030

Later that night we went for a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard and I found Sting’s star. Yep, I am a nerd. October 2015 031

Then we stopped by the Ghiradelli chocolate shop and Disney Store. All in one!October 2015 032 October 2015 033 October 2015 035

It was a fabulous birthday trip and I’m happy I got to hit so many fun shops! The only bad part was I needed more time to explore!


4 thoughts on “Los Angeles Birthday Trip – Tokidoki and Wacko Soap

  1. What a great way to celebrate your birthday. I loved the Thundercats growing up and the photo of the Cheetara doll :). At some point I have to make a trip to California so many nice places to see. Looks like you had a fun time. Thank you for sharing.

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