Los Cabos Mexico and Briar Beauty Way Too Wonderland

Los Cabos is a mere two hour flight from Southern California. That’s why so many swanky celebrities fly there. Am I swanky? Well, not so much, but I did take a weekend trip to relax, lounge by the pool, and of course look for dolls.

September 21 2015 148

Much of the city had been devastated by Hurricane Odile in 2014. There were still many signs that the area was still in recovery. The resort where we stayed, for instance, had only been open for a couple of months and were clearly not quite ready for showtime.

I did find these lovely ladies in the gift shop. September 21 2015 163 September 21 2015 183

Hard to imagine such a serene place could be so dangerous. Mother Nature is no joke. September 21 2015 205

A highlight of the trip is always my trip to Walmart. Yep, I’m not even kidding. For such a small town Cabo has two Walmarts! September 21 2015 216 I made a beeline for the toy section, which never disappoints me.  September 21 2015 222

These Fruti Babies and Pinypons were incredibly popular judging by the enormous displays.September 21 2015 223 September 21 2015 224 September 21 2015 225

Littlest Petshop anyone? Those prices are in pesos, by the way. September 21 2015 226 September 21 2015 227

JACKPOT! I found the wall of Monster High and Ever After High Dolls. I wished I was better versed in the Monster High world to know if there were any finds here. But I did score a Briar Beauty Way Too Wonderland doll!September 21 2015 228

I don’t know who these two are but I love a good 2-pack. How cute!September 21 2015 232

A few more sights from the Cabo Walmart….like giant pink fruit juice shaped like rockets…September 21 2015 233

Children you can buy in the bakery (kidding!)September 21 2015 234

And another shot of my girl! September 21 2015 242


5 thoughts on “Los Cabos Mexico and Briar Beauty Way Too Wonderland

  1. There was definitely a major find there in Monster High. Down at the bottom of the photo, next to the two-pack, is the Getting Ghostly Rochelle. (Same girl as in the two-pack.) I have no idea where she’s sold in the US — *if* she’s even sold in the US — but I’ve never seen her in person or on any store’s web site, other than scalpers selling her on Amazon for around $60.

    (Strangely, the photo also shows a Target exclusive doll. Maybe they don’t have Target in Mexico, and so Walmart gets the Target exclusive dolls there? Actually, come to think of it, I think that two-pack is a Toys R Us exclusive.)

  2. Thank you for sharing your travels. I’m happy you were found a Briar Beauty. My oldest daughter(she’s 23) loves Ever After High. She has 7 of them now.

    1. I still can’t believe you are old enough to have a 23 year old daughter. I thought you were 25! And they are so unique. Can you imagine if we had them when we were younger? My young mind would have been blown. 🙂

  3. Thank for the compliment! 😉 If you saw her you wouldn’t believe she’s 23. She looks more like 12 I think it matches her mindset. She has a developmental delay. I agree they really are unique and those shoes! They have such great shoes!

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