Pullip Alura by Groove

Why hello there, twin!

I pre-ordered Pullip Alura (ok, I didn’t, she was a gift – yay!) and after many weeks of dramatic Scarlett O’Hara like tantrums waiting for her, she finally arrived! Laura was very excited to help unbox.

October 30 2015 122

Look at these two trouble-makers! A few differences right of the bat. Alura’s brows are thinner and more pronounced, and her lips are pink while Laura’s are a matte grayish lavender. They also have two different eye colors – Laura a hazy mauve and Alura an olive green.

October 30 2015 123 October 30 2015 124

Alura came with so many details, and as a collaboration doll you can tell how work thought went into her design. Check out the lavender liner on the bottom of her eyes.

October 30 2015 126 October 30 2015 127 October 30 2015 128 October 30 2015 129 October 30 2015 131

A shot of her corset…

November 2 2015 022

And her outfit without it… That blouse is divine!

November 2 2015 023


I was more interested for some reason in the second out fit Alura came with, a Wednesday Addams style black dress. This dress was a bear to put on her, but was well worth the trouble.

November 2 2015 024 November 2 2015 027

Final parting shot of my three lovelies Laura, Alura, and Seila.

November 2 2015 026


4 thoughts on “Pullip Alura by Groove

  1. Alura is very pretty and her stock outfits are beautiful. I love the photo with all three of them together. There is such personality in their faces. Although I don’t own her yet I just have a soft spot for Selia but they are all wonderful. Enjoy!

  2. Love your reviews. Just about to buy Alura and give her a home in Scotland.Your videos help me decide. Thanks Diane xx

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