Pullip Meiko Vocaloid Doll by Groove

When I first received Meiko from Groove’s Sample Sale, I jokingly called her “Pullip Peter Pan’s glamorous cousin.”  It’s true that Meiko does look a bit like Peter Pan, but it’s mostly the hair.

September 21 2015 024 September 21 2015 025

Sample Sale dolls are an interesting lot. On one hand, you can obtain them for a very reasonable price. On the other, these dolls have been displayed for a long time in questionable climates and circumstances. That means dry wigs, missing or broken parts, and for Meiko, horrible black staining on her arms, body, and feet.  September 21 2015 028

She did come with all of her accessories, though, which was pretty cool. September 21 2015 030 September 21 2015 031

Excuse me but how does this thing work?September 21 2015 032

Based on the condition of her body and wig, I decided to give her a little makeover. An Obitsu, new wig, and new eyechips later, here she is! I also touched up her faceup to give her a bit more color. Thanks mom for the outfit, too!

October 2015 052 October 2015 062

3 thoughts on “Pullip Meiko Vocaloid Doll by Groove

  1. What a lovely makeover. She looks darling and her dress is so sweet! What are your thoughts about getting dolls from sample sales? Do you think they are better suited to just makeover?

    1. I think with sample sale dolls you have to set your expectations according to the price. Groove is very good about saying what’s missing from a doll or if there are stains. In Meiko’s case she came so incredibly stained that her body wasn’t salvageable. But Sfoglia, for example, came in pristine condition. The price is so good that I would never over think a purchase. In my case I was able to get dolls I did not think I’d be able to obtain!

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