Pullip Eve Sweet by Groove

Did Pullip Eve Sweet not get the memo about Autumn and Winter coming? Because baby girl is bringing spring back in full force with her floral bouquet of loveliness.

November 8 2015 029

In a knee-jerk reaction, I pre-ordered this pretty lass on Pullipstyle.com because, well…she was an original design that just spoke to my girly side. As many of you know, 2015 has been a year of ups and downs and many many Sailor Moon dolls (I’m not hating), so pretty Eve was a welcome breath of fresh air.

November 8 2015 020

Here hair is a lovely lavender color, and the style, though a little lazy, is nicely separated into two sections by her headband. Her dress is super cute, lots of fun colorful flowers and lace details.  Her eyes are a piercing blue.

November 8 2015 024 November 8 2015 026 November 8 2015 027 November 8 2015 028 November 8 2015 030

I had to get a picture of her pink clogs and bright yellow tights. So unique! You’ll need some patience to keep those shoes on, though!

November 8 2015 032November 8 2015 031


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