Customized Pullip Stica – Marigold

I had a dream of a redheaded Pullip doll with lots of fluffy ringlets who was quite eager for Autumn. That dream led to many late-night discussions with my pal, Emily, and together we put together this lovely Pullip, named Marigold.

October 30 2015 014

Her dress was handmade by Emily from authentic kimono fabric I scored at Momen+ in Los Angeles. Emily added her trademark head-wrap and scarf. I think she came out quite well!

October 30 2015 015 October 30 2015 016

Her eyes are from KiraKira, who I imagine is just about to close up her wildly successful Etsy shop. I added some freckles, blush, and lip color to finish Marigold’s look. By the way, her wig is a wonderful synthetic mohair that feels like cotton.

October 30 2015 017 October 30 2015 018

Marigold was created to be a giveaway dolly, and only folks in the Facebook forum were invited to take part in a contest. It’s a fun way to shake things up a bit, spreading the love on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

October 12 2015 053 October 12 2015 056 October 12 2015 057

I cant wait to see where she goes next! I’m certain she’ll love her new home. I should mention that, as a last-minute addition, Marigold’s sister Saffron decided that she, too, wanted to find a new home. My mom made this adorable outfit, and I touched up the faceup to match her big sis.

November 2 2015 015November 2 2015 016November 2 2015 012

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