Pullip Aira by Groove

Well now here’s a lass we don’t see much of on Flickr, Instagram, Google, Tumblr, etc…

Why has Pullip Aira been given the shaft, I ask you? Is it her price? ($144 on Pullipstyle – OUCH) Is it her uncanny resemblance to Pullip Snow White? Is it her near-identical stock to Pullip Myra? Is it that she’s an expensive doll who comes dressed only in her undies?

It’s probably all of the above, which is a shame because she is a very lovely doll.

November 2 2015 041

I kept the plastic on her for now as I imagine those black stockings are nasty for staining…

November 2 2015 043

Her face is stunning. Same exaggerated face-up like Myra, with an odd but charming black side ponytail that somehow works on her.

November 2 2015 044 November 2 2015 045

Like Myra, she comes with a second pair of skivvies and a cane because you know, a girl needs a cane. That shoulder wrap unfortunately is real fur. Yuck!

November 2 2015 046 November 2 2015 047

They make a pretty pair, no?

November 2 2015 048 November 2 2015 049 November 2 2015 050 November 2 2015 051 October 30 2015 051

In case you were wondering, Aira and Snow White could be first cousins. But I love this look of ebony hair and blue eyes that I don’t mind that they’re similar. I think they each have their own unique qualities and they complement each other well.

October 30 2015 061


2 thoughts on “Pullip Aira by Groove

  1. Hello, I love your Youtube reviews! On the topic of Pullip Aira, which dark-haired Pullips do you think are the best for dressing up in different outfits?

    I can only think of Bloody Red Hood, whose red hair isn’t quite dark. However, most Pullips with dark face “tones” tend to have edgy/rebellious feels, so I like that BRH has darker face tones but a sweeter face.

    1. Wow good question. Besides Aira (who looks great in other outfits by the way), I’d recommend Snow White, Fanatica, Kuhn, and Sailor Mars. Are of these girls are flexible enough in their look to wear just about anything. 🙂

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