Puppelina Eye Chips for Pullip and Blythe

I think most of us dolly collectors and customizers are always on the hunt for new vendors who sell doll wigs, clothes, face-up and of course eye chips. It’s so much fun to shop for items that help personalize your doll, and let’s face it – sometimes spending a little money on spoiling your doll seems more reasonable than buying a whole new doll. Here is one of my favorite vendors for eye chips – Puppelina – based in Spain.

October 30 2015 034

Puppelina creates hyper-realistic eye chips for Blythe and Pullip in an array of colors that are categorized as blue, green, brown, or fantasy. I can’t recommend these chips enough. They’re not the most economical choice, but sometimes you get what you pay for.

October 30 2015 057

October 30 2015 008 October 30 2015 109

October-20-2015 023

November 12 2015 048

I have not yet tried any of the fantasy colors, but the browns and blues are some of the prettiest ones I’ve ever seen. Shout out to Jannette at Project Doll House for letting me know about these. Here is a parting shot of my Mori girl by Jannette, complete with Puppelina chips.

September 2015 452



2 thoughts on “Puppelina Eye Chips for Pullip and Blythe

    1. Right? I am itching to see a purple in action. And thanks for the blog love! I was inspired to move into this century when I saw your layout. It works so much better for mobile, too! Look at me growing up. 🙂

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