Pullip Amarri by Groove

Pullip Amarri realizes she’s not everyone’s cup of tea. I’ll admit that the first two hundred times I looked at her she confused me. Is she a Pullip? Is she a rag doll? What’s up with those tiny eyebrows? Is that hair as weird as I think it is?

After much debate, I saw pics of her customized and I was finally sold. Once she arrived I had these grand plans of putting a lemon blonde wig on her and giving her new eye chips. And then she looked back at me from her box and said, “Nuh uh.”

April 2015 349 April 2015 351 April 2015 352

I can’t explain how cute her stock is. The little attached handbag, the dress and the apron, the plush. She quite remarkably off-center, and that really charmed my socks off.

November 2 2015 032 November 2 2015 033 November 2 2015 034 November 2 2015 035 November 2 2015 036


2 thoughts on “Pullip Amarri by Groove

    1. She certainly took her time to grow on me. For the first full year I steered clear of her and her strange hair and tiny eyebrows. Now I appreciate her uniqueness and her adorable outfit!

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