Custom Pullip by Project Doll House

Sometimes imagining the joy you might bring to someone is even better than experiencing it yourself. That may be a very corny line but it’s true! While I was brainstorming an idea for a Christmas present for my dear friend, Beatrice, I realized that she did not yet have a full custom doll. At about the same moment I started conjuring up what this girl might look like, in comes Jannette at Project Doll House, one of my absolute favorite customizers and another dear friend.

Jannette, using my limited direction and explanations, created this lovely lady named Bia.

October 30 2015 044

Bia was imagined as a sweet girl with a love of nature and animals. She enjoyed quiet evenings curled up with a good book, and even more so she loved to draw the lovely flowers that she saw outside her bedroom window.

October 30 2015 045 October 30 2015 046 October 30 2015 047

This lovely dress set was created by Belle Magni, and quite perfect for an elegant lady like Bia.

October 30 2015 054 October 30 2015 056 October 30 2015 057 October 30 2015 058 October 30 2015 059 October 30 2015 060

Before I sent Bia off to her new home, I wanted to make sure she took a picture with her cousin Clementine as they were distant cousins who had so much in common. I hope Bia arrives to her new home soon!

October 30 2015 079


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