Pullip Wonder Woman SDCC Exclusive

There was a time, before I ever thought I’d get a chance to attend San Diego Comic Con, that Groove released exclusive dolls to commemorate the pinnacle of nerdy annual events.  Last year (2015) was a bit of a bummer for me, because Groove yanked their booth from SDCC and then decided not to make a showing at New York Comic Con.

Times have changed, I suppose, but let’s focus on a happier time, like in 2012, when Groove released the magnificent Wonder Woman!

December 7 2015 157

Yes, yes, her outfit is made in that same less-than-high-quality fabric, but can we talk about this doll’s face and hair? I don’t remember any version of Wonder Woman having blue hair, but it makes me think of the actual comic books. Pullip makes a fierce superhero, and where Groove may have skimped on her outfit, they made up for with the doll itself.

December 7 2015 158 December 7 2015 159 December 7 2015 160 December 7 2015 161 December 7 2015 162 December 7 2015 163 December 7 2015 164 December 7 2015 166

I was fortunate enough to score this gal on JPGroove’s sample sale, but she came in pristine condition save for a little dry wig issue. Cannot recommend this doll enough. I’m just torn whether or not I should dress her in a different outfit or keep her in her iconic look!


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