Pullip Adsiltia by Groove

Some dolls are real standouts, and Pullip Adsiltia likes to make an entrance. She’s a collab doll with h.NAOTO from 2008, and man, don’t you wish Groove still got crazy like this sometimes? Look at baby girl’s hair!

December 15 2015 309

Her outfit is incredibly detailed, and though I worry about staining with all that black, you can’t help but appreciate the attention that went into designing her stock. From her hat down to her boots she is fashionably fierce.

December 15 2015 311 December 15 2015 312 December 15 2015 313 December 15 2015 314 December 15 2015 315 December 15 2015 317 December 15 2015 318 December 15 2015 319 December 15 2015 322 December 15 2015 323

I was able to get Adsiltia through Groove’s sample sale – her wig was a bit messy (I imagine it comes messy new out of the box!) but her stock was pristine.

6 thoughts on “Pullip Adsiltia by Groove

  1. I remember seeing her review on your channel, and the only thing I could think of was “Square Pegs”. The most eighties-tastic teen show ever…it was The Hair! She’s adorable though😊

    1. It seems quite a few dolls like her are hard to find and you mentioned you got her from a sample sale. Any suggestions on where else to look? Thanks

      1. My best finds have all been on eBay, and sometimes these dolls aren’t in the best shape, which at least makes them somewhat affordable. It means a little restoration which I don’t mind doing. The Pullip Sales group on FB is ok, but often I find shipping prices to be high.

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