Make it Own Pullip Doll Project

You may know how fearlessly I stumble through Make It Own Pullip projects, despite having little to no artistic ability.  Up until now, the only person that benefited (or were cursed) with my handiwork was my mom, because moms are supposed to applaud their kid’s finger painting, macaroni-necklace-making artwork as if Michelangelo himself had mentored them to greatness.

But a friend of mine had insisted that I create a full custom for her, so I swallowed my pride and bit the bullet. And ok, I had a ton of fun in the process.

Step 1. Sealed the front and back face plates and eyelids with MSC, got out the paintbrushes, ate a cookies-and-cream ice cream cone.

Feb 15 2016 042

Step 2. Clumsily drew on eyebrows, erased and re-drew eye lines and lashes with soft sandpaper.

Feb 15 2016 043

Step 3. Added chalk pastel colors to cheeks, lips, chin, and forehead. Eye shadow to eyes… Found some thick falsies for her eye lashes.

Feb 15 2016 045

Step 4. Sealed faceup with MSC, airbrushed eyelids in a pearlescent white. Let dry.

Feb 15 2016 071

Step 5. Added varnish to lips and eye line (two coats for the lips).

Feb 15 2016 072

Step 6. Tested wigs with her teddy bear eye chips…choices were blonde, pink, and My Little Pony…

Feb 15 2016 052 Feb 15 2016 053 Feb 15 2016 054

Step 7. Dressed her up on one of my mom’s handmade outfits, then snapped a few photos before I sent her off to her new home!

Feb 15 2016 077 Feb 15 2016 079  Feb 15 2016 085

If you haven’t yet tried making your own Pullip doll. I can’t recommend it enough. I always say, if I can do it, anyone can!

3 thoughts on “Make it Own Pullip Doll Project

  1. Seriously you did an amazing job! She’s so lovely and my daughter also said she was pretty when she saw the pics. She happens to love pretty things(she has a small Ever After High collection). I don’t know if I would ever try but I’m inspired that you do. 🙂

    1. That’s a fantastic compliment! I feel like younger people are definitely honest, so I must be on the right track. 🙂

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