Yummy Sweets Doll Raffle – Angel Food Cake Custom Pullip

What’s that? You haven’t heard of Yummy Sweets Dolls? Well let me enlighten you. The designer, Connie, is a wonderful lady who creates one of a kind creations that are based on desserts. That’s right, people. DESSERTS. As if Pullip dolls weren’t addictive enough already! Anyway, Connie was kind enough to let me get a sneak peek at Angel Food Cake, AKA Charity, who is a prize in a raffle that she’s holding on behalf of the YWCA of Richmond, VA.

First of all, the packaging. I am under the impression that Connie’s dolls all come packaged like a Christmas present, wrapped in a custom sleeping bag!

Feb 10 2016 119 Feb 10 2016 120

I tried to snap a few photos of Charity in both of her outfits. She is such a special girl!

Feb 10 2016 126 Feb 10 2016 127 Feb 10 2016 128 Feb 10 2016 129  Feb 10 2016 132 Feb 10 2016 134


Here’s the info for your chance to win Charity!

1. Donate! Go to ywcarichmond.org/support and donate at least $10. (Every $10 is worth 2 raffle tickets)

2. Once you donate, you will receive an email confirmation. Forward this to Connie at yummysweetsdolls@gmail.com

3. Connie will send you raffle ticket numbers. On March 15, Connie will pick a winner!

“We are strongest when we help others better. Expand compassion more than just family and friends , you will find that we have a family with strangers. Love and compassion throughout the world so !”

Doll: Fair MIO Pullip Kit
Wig: Monique Gold collection, synthetic mohair
Angel dress: Pullip JP Groove
Ear muffs: conniebees
White top: Kosucas
Jean shorts: Unknown
White socks: Coolcat
Little boots: Mimiwoo

For more drools on this gorgeous girl, check out my video review!

2 thoughts on “Yummy Sweets Doll Raffle – Angel Food Cake Custom Pullip

  1. I thought this was such an amazing idea. Connie is very a talented artist and her customs have a sweet expression to them. Whomever gets her is very fortunate and all for a great cause. 🙂

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