Custom Pullip Doll by Desdemona

Last year, a friend of mine on Facebook posted a few pictures of a custom Pullip doll that her friend had done for her. I was intrigued so I inquired about pricing, website, Flickr, etc. It turned out that her friend (who spoke no English) had only done one or two Faceups! I begged her to create one for me, and she was kind enough to take on the project.

So off a MIO Pullip went to Poland, and after a few weeks, she sent a photo.

Jan.6.2015 140

I will not lie to you. When she first sent me this picture, I was a bit apprehensive. It’s tremendously well done, but it’s not exactly my style.

When the finished faceplate arrived, however, I could see all the details that the camera didn’t capture. I had the perfect wig and eyes for her, and a little dragon girl was born…

Jan 30 2016 197

Jan 30 2016 210 Jan 30 2016 212 Jan 30 2016 216 Jan 30 2016 219

She even made friends! Sometimes the most talented people are right under your nose. I am so happy to have found Lily (aka Desdemona) and her super helpful pal (and translator) Belle Magni. By the way, check out these girls in some of Belle’s dresses!

Feb 10 2016 103

One thought on “Custom Pullip Doll by Desdemona

  1. Wow how lovely she is! Are the drawings on the eyelids trees? I think she’s great.Your custom collection is fantastic.

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