San Diego Comic Con Pullip Super Stella

If David Bowie (circa 1973) and Hulk Hogan (circa 1985) had a baby, I think she would look like Pullip Super Stella from Groove.  Why had no one thought of this combination before? Combining Bowie’s elegance and class with Hulk’s strength and attitude, you really can’t go wrong….or can you?

FullSizeRender (14)

Every year it seems, Groove puts out a collector’s doll to commemorate the San Diego Comic Con. The dolls I’ve seen in past years are some sort of super-hero or villain, which is pretty darn cool since I dig comic books. But in 2014 Groove partnered with the Tokidoki brand and released both Super Stella and Dal Vendittina.  The Dal was a bit of a villain, and a super chic purple one at that. The good guys got Stella, in a loud jumpsuit that sadly resembles a Lucha Libre wrestler. Where is her mask, I ask you? How can she fight crime if everyone knows who she is?

FullSizeRender (16)

Stella is absolutely gorgeous, for what it’s worth. Her hair is rabbit soft and her eyes…oh her glittery silver eyes…they are mesmerizing. Little touches like her blue eyebrows and full pink lips just give her that super-sized quality I think that is worthy of a San Diego Comic Con.

But her accessories are downright lazy. Aside from her gorgeous pink cape with the tiny wire in it (for easy posing), every thing is a strange mis-mash of cheap fabric and plastic. So sad! Were my expectations too high, or did Groove miss the mark on this one?

Here is my video review of Stella…before I freed her from her odd stock and gave her a new look.

And here is her chic after look. I do love her eyebrows – so fierce!

April 2015 376


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