Byul Siry Doll by Groove

Byul is the sweet but misunderstood character in Pullip-land who always seems to take a back seat to her flashier counterparts. I say flashier only because the others seem to get so many more releases (exception: poor Yeolume).

This my first Byul doll, Siry, who was a wonderful gift from an even more wonderful friend, the unofficial Queen of Byul with an army of these little girls in her possession. (More on that later.)

What a surprise it was to find this girl on my doorstep, those seemingly innocent eyes begging me to free her from her box.

September 2015 412

She made immediate friends with Thea, my custom from another friend, TimmiLynn.

September 21 2015 088

Her stock is simply adorable. The plaid dress and matching bow are cinnamon colored with a teal accent. I love her little apron and shoes!

September 21 2015 089September 21 2015 090September 21 2015 091

Unfortunately, Siry has a sweet tooth and is quite the determined little trouble maker. Hidden cameras captured where all my candy has been going…

September 2015 435 September 2015 437

For more info on Siry, check out my video review of her:

And lastly, here is a shot of my friend Bia’s outstanding Byul collection!

Bia Byul

5 thoughts on “Byul Siry Doll by Groove

  1. I think one of the reasons Byul doesn’t get much love — even from her own creators — is how hard it is to get a good photo of her. It’s really easy for the pictures to fail to capture her cuteness; even the official publicity photos often make her look decidedly unappealing. (And, actually, even in person she sometimes needs a while to grow on you. I had my first Byul for more than a year before I warmed up to her enough to think about getting another one.)

    …y’know, I think I need to spend more time photographing my two Byuls…

    1. Please do! We have at least one person in the Facebook group who is an avid Byul fan, and I really enjoy the pictures he takes of his girls. Byul just needs a bigger cheering section!

      1. Please tell Bia she has a wonderful collection! I had no idea Siry has such a sweet tooth! My friend savana is getting me her for Christmas so I now know I’ll have to hide all my goodies 🙂

      2. Please tell Bia she has a wonderful collection! I had no idea Siry had such a sweet tooth! My friend is getting me her for Christmas so I guess I’ll have to hide my sweets!

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