Custom Pullip Hermione by Malkama

Last year, I was excited to buy second hand this lovely custom Pullip. The seller had no idea who the artist was, but no matter. She was precious and she reminded me of Harry Potter’s tough as nails pal, Hermione Granger.

September 2015 186 September 2015 189 September 2015 225

As time wore on and I collected more custom dolls (I’m a bit of a fanatic now), the mystery of Hermione continued, and calls for information on Facebook did no good. No one knew the artist of this girl. The reason it bugged me a little was because the doll had such wonderful details – details that would be difficult for an amateur to pull off. She had a carved mouth and nose, and freckles that were incredibly realistic. The only helpful tip I got was that because of the carvings, someone thought it was more likely that a Blythe artist had created her.

And then… one day on Etsy, I saw something oddly familiar during a search for custom Pullips. It was a doll that had similar features to Hermione! The artist was Malkama Customs, and I messaged her at once. She had indeed created my doll back in 2014, and at last the mystery was solved.

I ended up changing her outfit and her eyechips, but gosh those glasses are cute!

May 30 2016 011

Here is Hermione with her BFF, Desdemona, named after the artist.

July 22 Part 2 020


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