San Diego Comic Con 2016 Recap

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, and that hiatus has directly coincided with a new job that’s been very demanding of my time. When am I supposed to play with dolls, I ask? Sigh…adulting is tough sometimes.

Anyway I hadn’t had a chance yet to recap Comic Con, which happened a few weeks ago here in San Diego. It was my second year attending, and I was much better equipped this year. It certainly helped that a doll pal and Comic Con expert, Katherine, was in town to guide me. Here are the highlights:

The day started early, very early, as I was eager to pick up my pre-ordered Mattel dolls from a hotel near the convention center. This was the first year that Mattel made it possible to get these dolls without waiting 4 hours in line, so I was grateful. I got both the Ever After High and Monster High exclusives, as well as three of the Dc SuperHero Girls Katana dolls (figuring some of these would make great giveaways and gifts).

July 22 Part 2 127

After that it was a geek free-for-all, and though I probably should have taken more pictures of people in Cosplay, I mostly snapped random photos along the way of cute stuff:

July 22 Part 2 126 July 22 Part 2 125

July 22 Part 2 160 July 22 Part 2 159 July 22 Part 2 158 July 22 Part 2 157 July 22 Part 2 156 July 22 Part 2 155 July 22 Part 2 150 July 22 Part 2 147 July 22 Part 2 145 July 22 Part 2 142 July 22 Part 2 141

Here is the video recap with some of the footage we collected:


One thought on “San Diego Comic Con 2016 Recap

  1. So happy you’re back to blogging and congrats on the new job! I bet you had a great time there. Thanks for sharing some picks. I have to say I may have to get me nendoroid or 2 they are so cute.

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