Pullip VeryBerry Pop

Now for something completely different…VeryBerry Pop!

Seriously though, this doll is a cutie, even though her “berries” on her dress are a bit distracting. I applaud Groove for getting creative here. Couldn’t you see a whole series of fruit-themed dolls? Anyway I pre-ordered VeryBerry with Veritas, and there’s something extra awesome about getting that extra big box from Pullipstyle.

August 14 2016 128

August 14 2016 143

August 14 2016 150  August 14 2016 147

August 14 2016 149

August 16 2016 016 August 16 2016 015 August 16 2016 014 August 16 2016 013 August 16 2016 012


My Video Review:


3 thoughts on “Pullip VeryBerry Pop

  1. Hi there. I just wanted to say thank you for your informative videos, they helped me make my decision to purchase my first Pullip doll and I’m really happy I did! There’s just one thing I was wondering: Do you have any tips regarding the Pullip stands? I was having a lot of difficulty getting it on my doll and getting her to stand up straight. She kept sliding around and her shoes especially kept feeling like they were about to fall off. I kept trying to readjust them but I didn’t want to risk breaking them! Also the bars of the stand kept getting stuck in various threads and ribbons on her outfit and I was afraid they would rip them. Thanks again.

    1. It’s definitely an art. I do this impression of a doll having her feet sweep out from under her, causing the stand to crash. LOL. I try to put the stand around the doll’s waist, under her dress if possible, but hold the wig up while doing that. Then I push the metal in under the legs are almost “stuck” to the base. You have to be careful or the legs will buckle.

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