Premium Pullip Romantic Alice Monochrome

Premium. Such an interesting word, right? It gives you the impression that something is better or more sought after. Well, Groove didn’t need to use the word premium to describe Romantic Alice Monochrome, because she’s pretty spectacular already. But then again, I think all of the Romantic Alice dolls are pretty detailed and amazing. She is delicate and feminine, and the quality of her stock is outstanding.

July 22 2016 050July 22 2016 053July 22 2016 052July 22 2016 051 July 22 2016 049 July 22 2016 048 July 22 2016 047

Can’t recommend this girl enough, even if she is a few bucks more than the other two. As a refresher, here are the other two girls:

Feb 10 2016 157

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