Premium Pullip Veritas

Here is one lady I was eagerly anticipating! The jury is still out on these “Premium” Pullips, but Veritas is truly a dream. The red color of her outfit is incredible, and everything from her stock (except those boots) to her glorious wig are very well done.

August 14 2016 129

August 14 2016 134 August 14 2016 141August 14 2016 138August 14 2016 137August 14 2016 136August 14 2016 135August 14 2016 131


2 thoughts on “Premium Pullip Veritas

  1. She’s a lovely doll and her stock is very pretty. Since you have been collecting pullips for a while. Do you find the “premium” dolls living up to being premium? 🙂

    1. So far…not really. Mostly because the dolls they have chosen are already pretty premium in my opinion. Veritas, Romantic Alice, and Kiyomi were incredible original releases. I’m not complaining, however!These new dolls are gorgeous.

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