Custom Pullip Dolls from Mikiyochii

You can’t always get what you want. In this case, until very recently if you lived outside of Europe, you could not get your hands on a custom faceup by the very popular BJD faceup artist, Mikiyochii of MikiyochiiDolls.

As if she heard my whining from half a world away, the lovely Mikiyo decided to create full custom Pullip dolls that she would offer internationally on her Etsy shop. Happy dance!

Her name was Mireille and oh my goodness she was a brunette. I have no self control.

May102016 215

This doll took my breath away. The details on her face were so delicate and yet detailed to make her look as if she were a living breathing girl. (To doll people, that’s not creepy, I promise.) She had the sweetest expression.

May102016 220 May102016 222May102016 218

Once Mireille joined the family, I thought I was done with Mikiyochii. But then she dropped Rose on us, and I went berserk. I actually set a timer on my phone for 15 minutes before she went on sale. You can see why I went crazy here:

June3 008

May 30 2016 229 May 30 2016 228

Lastly, I fell in love with Marie, who I thought would be a great addition to a trio of girls. I don’t often collect three dolls from the same artist, but there is simply something magical about her dolls.

August 14 2016 051 August 14 2016 049

This is one of those times I wish Groove was searching for new artists. I know exactly who I would recommend! Follow Mikiyochiidolls on instagram.



4 thoughts on “Custom Pullip Dolls from Mikiyochii

  1. Wow what a lovely trio! Each one has her own personality. I have to say Mireille took my breath away as well. She seems to me to have a bit of a mori kei style. Enjoy.

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