The Glorious Pullip Ririko

Dreams come true, y’all. I was doing my usual doll-stalking online when I came across the JPGroove rare choice sale. If you’re not familiar, Groove will, at times, offer hard to find or sold out dolls at reasonable prices on their website. It’s like Christmas…if you didn’t know when it was coming or what Santa would bring.

Case in point, Pullip Ririko. Long sold out and only available on eBay or resellers at absurdly high prices, I was able to score her – new in box no less! She is an absolute stunner and a Grail doll for many collectors, myself included.

March202016 026

My hands were actually shaking as I opened the box. Is that silly? I don’t think so.

March202016 030

March202016 042 March202016 038

August 16 2016 026 August 16 2016 024 August 16 2016 021 August 16 2016 019 August 16 2016 018

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