The Obscenely Talented, Gorgeous Charon and Her Custom Pullips

How about that for a title? Can you tell I’m a fan? Charon is a lovely young lady and artist from the UK who creates the most wonderfully magical Pullip dolls. I’m a custom Pullip doll fanatic, and what draws me most to an artist is that they have a unique and distinct style that sets them apart from the rest of the pack. Charon is one of those magical pixies, and I am pretty thrilled to have scored three of her full custom dolls.

I’ve done a review of Heavenly, but have yet to show you Nightly and Ballerine. Here are some pictures of all of them!

First, Miss Ballerine, my pink sweetie. The outfit was made by Belle Magni, who has a wonderful Etsy shop.

July 22 2016 061 July 22 2016 060 July 22 2016 059

July 22 2016 054

This is Nightly, made as a counterpart to Heavenly (custom outfit also by Belle Magni):

August 16 2016 041 August 16 2016 039 August 16 2016 038


Nightly and heavenly together.

May 30 2016 206

All three girls together!

July 22 Part 2 072

And if it wasn’t awesome enough that I got to work with her, I actually got to meet Charon in Rome (over Gelato, of course).

May 30 2016 187

5 thoughts on “The Obscenely Talented, Gorgeous Charon and Her Custom Pullips

  1. Oh gosh. I didn’t realize that you had a third doll from Charon. I love the pink with her skintone. The freckles and glitter really add some more character, too.

    Your other reviews pointing out Charon were the reason I bought a custom from her (not a commission, but super adorable). A little while back, I ordered the custom Isul: Lovely Bear. Probably going to name them Ursa.

    1. You adopted Lovely Bear! Adorable dolly. Have you seen her latest work? I think it’s green tea themed. She really is one of my absolute favorites.

      1. Ooh, I havenmt taken a look at that one, but I do have a weakness for green tea. Saw the Kiki’s Delivery Service one for sure and that was adorable.

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