Mocha Make it Own Madness

I wasn’t sure what to make of the mocha skin Make it Own Pullip kits when they came out. I should say that I was mostly intimidated, because I am definitely an amateur in the artsy fartsy department. I had sent one kit to my friend Jannette of Project Doll House, and the custom she sent back inspired me to give it a go myself. It turns out the color is gorgeous and fun to work with, and I’ll even say a little forgiving to less artistic folks like myself.

Meet Rian, Rey, and Ridley.

First, Rian (Luts wig, Lullaby for Dolls eyes):

May 30 2016 259 May 30 2016 256 May 30 2016 255 May 30 2016 253

And Rey. Puppelina eyes, Lutz wig with a massive trim:

May102016 642 May102016 638

And Ridley (Almond Doll eyes, wig from eBay):

May102016 307 May102016 304 May102016 300 May102016 298

I also did a doll swap with my friend Timmilynn, and we exchanged mocha customs at Puddle. A very fun project! Here is the doll I did for Timmi:

May102016 649


And the doll she did for me:

July 22 Part 2 031

Highly recommend mocha make it own kits! I am looking forward to seeing them back in stock at Pullipstyle.

May 30 2016 260

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