Omocha Crush Pullip and Dolly Meetup – London in 2017


Yes, people, I am crazy. Why would I organize a dolly meetup in a country that’s 6,000 miles away? California is beautiful, right?

Well, the idea started bubbling as we got closer to PUDDLE this year. If you are not in the know, PUDDLE is a fantastic Pullip and Dal show that happens every year in Chicago in June. On the Facebook forum, this means lot of excitement and planning and strategy for what you want to do and buy. It’s such a fun time, and I couldn’t help but notice that our pals in the UK (and Europe) didn’t have anything comparable specific for Pullip/Dal collectors. That, and the fact that I love London and desperately needed an excuse to go back, was the beginning of the dolly meetup.

The Details

The dolly meetup will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 1PM. Location is Tea Party, a wonderful venue that hosts…wait for it…tea parties! Food and beverage are provided, and the cost is 16GBP, or about $20 U.S. As this is a personally funded event, that means every penny (or pound) counts and we appreciate your support! For more information, check out our FAQs.

How to Register

Via Eventbrite. Please remember that we will only be able to accommodate a very small number, so consider this before registering.


Sign Up for News!

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Who to Contact

Me! You can always leave a comment here or message me at

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